Tuesday, April 12, 2011

California Dreamin'

Huntington Beach, California

As this semester comes to a close, the work is piling up with exams, quizzes, projects, presentations, lions, tiger, and bears...Oh my! 

I've never been one to handle stress well. I tend to take out my frustration on the people I love most. And last night I received a reality check from my boyfriend. After a few days of being self-admittedly bitchy, Greg helped me realize I need to put everything in perspective. 

As with everything in life, "this too shall pass" (my family's mantra). Whether it's the best time of my life or rock bottom, everything evolves and changes constantly.  All the late nights studying and missing out on weekend trips will pay off. In less than one month I will be cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with my best friend, Kathryn, in California. 

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