Monday, February 20, 2012

Mane Attraction

In an attempt to grow my hair longer, I've been picking up tips along
the way in order to make my hair more healthy

First, I dyed my hair brunette. 
I started coloring my hair blonde at age 15, 
with regular highlight touch ups every 6-8 weeks. 
I didn't realize how dark my natural hair color really is until it donned on me that 
I haven't been to the salon in 4 months and I have no roots!

Second, I use salon quality shampoo & conditioner 
to help maintain my color and reduce fading.
My sister is a hair stylist so I definitely reap the benefits 
by always having inexpensive salon products available.

Third, I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible. 
Heat from blow-dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can damage hair.

Lastly, I use a split-end treatment after showering 
which helps extend time between trims. 

I have definitely seen a difference in the health of my hair by practicing 
these tips, and my hair has gotten longer as a result!
Try them if you are growing your hair out too!

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