Friday, April 27, 2012

Scrapbook: FSU


Today I will become an Alumni of Florida State University. 
I remember my parents dropping me off 4 years ago as a scared freshman 
walking into an empty dorm room with random roommates.

Since then I have had the best 4 years of my life.
I have learned a lot in school, learned even more about myself, met amazing people,
experienced things only college brings, and had once in a lifetime opportunities.
Although I feel prepared to enter the next chapter in my life, I never want to leave college.
I will hold the memories I have made and friends I have met close to my heart forever.

Freshmen Roommate Nicole and I - St. Patrick's Day

Liz, Alyssa, and I - Phi Mu Recruitment

Ericka and I - FSU White Out Game

Jessica, Katie, and I - My 21st Birthday Waltz

Erika, Liz and I - Happy Hour at Potbelly's

Intern Block girls with our fave professor Dr. Fiorito - Cocktails at 101

Class of 2012 - Always a Seminole 

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  1. This is awesome... the last photo is my fave!