Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

{my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls}

When I was home in Florida over the holidays, the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls woke me up several mornings.
One (or two - don't judge me) of these with a cup of coffee is by far the best brunch I've ever had!
My mom used this recipe for these delicious homemade cinnamon rolls with maple frosting. 
She also made a batch with cream cheese frosting which was equally as yummy!


  1. Anonymous1/24/2013

    mmmmm I love cinnamon rolls! I'll have to try this recipe!

    -Chymere Anais

  2. these look ridiculously amazing. may have to treat myself this weekend....

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  4. Happy belated birthday my dear! Those cuppies look delicious.