Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keys Vacation 2014

My family has been vacationing in the Florida Keys for as long as I can remember. Although we've gone almost every year, this year was my favorite yet. My parents rented a beautiful 3-story house on the Gulf of Mexico in Marathon, just down the street from where my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin rented. It was my niece Alexa's first trip to the keys, and I had a great time making memories with her and my nephew Aiden. I saw a few of my oldest friends, from my sorority little sister, Liz, picking me up from the airport, to my friend Shannon staying with my family the first weekend, and my friend Emilee and her family staying in the Keys the same week. We had perfect weather for spending the day out on the boat lobstering, fishing, snorkeling, and wasting an afternoon at the sandbar. Our nights were filled with delicious home cooked meals, beautiful sunsets, drinks by the pool, hysterical games of Cards Against Humanity, and sitting on the porch watching the thunder and lightning storms roll in. 

We've already begun planning next year's trip, but first, take a look at my a few of my favorite memories from our Florida Keys vacation this year.

{My Phi Mu little sister, Liz, picked me up from the airport to grab dinner & drinks and catch up. We hadn't seen each other in 2 1/2 years so naturally we spun in a circle hugging and crying on the airport curb}

{So happy I was able to spend some time with Emilee, who I've known since we were both in strollers}

{Greg and I enjoying a beautiful day out on the water in the Gulf of Mexico}

{view of the sunset from our house in Marathon}

{my friend Shannon and I reminiscing on our days dressing up like the Spice Girls}

{We celebrated Aiden's 7th birthday with a festive iguana cake}
{Alexa (4) right before jumping in the ocean for the first time. She's a pro now!}

{Greg's Birthday dinner: steak & fresh-caught lobster}

{my parents with Aiden & Alexa}

{I loved waking up and not knowing what day of the week it was. Missing the Keys already}