Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I've always loved birthdays - maybe because I've had so many great ones. When I still lived at home, my mom would wake me up by singing "Happy Birthday" and eat homemade chocolate cake in bed. I find it totally acceptable to eat cake for breakfast since everyone knows calories don't count on your birthday! 

I've had people ask me lately if I'm dreading turning the big 2-5 or if I'm having a quarter-life crisis, but I am happily welcoming my 25th birthday. I am 25 years young today and I could not be happier with where I am in my life. Maybe I have a reverse Peter Pan complex in that I can't wait to grow up. I've never been the party girl - I'm an old soul at heart. I find comfort in knowing that the best time of my life is still yet to come. I look forward to getting married one day and starting a family. My twenties have been about chasing my dreams and finding myself, so cheers to another year of becoming the woman I want to be. 

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