Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank You Cards

In today's world of technology, everything is done online, from social media to blogs, research and email. But I think a handwritten thank you note is underrated. When I was in high school, my family's friends, Conrad & Shari, came to visit at my parents' house in Florida for the weekend. I would usually offer up my bedroom since it had a queen size bed and my mom and I had just redecorated. The next week after the Webbers left, I received a homemade thank you card from Shari & Conrad. Shari has a drool-worthy craft room complete with stationary, stamps, colorful ribbon & more. She made a beautiful card that matched my bedroom perfectly: it was a small black purse with red tassels on the handle and had a sweet note inside thanking me for giving up my room for the weekend. It was so unique and personalized. I still have that card hanging on my closet door in my bedroom at home.

While I don't have that extensive of a craft room, I do keep a couple of thank you notes on hand for various occasions. I have two sets of stationary: one professional (for after a job interview) and one that's more playful (for gifts from friends and family). Last week for my birthday, my intern at work, Allison, surprised me with the cutest Anthropologie mug. It was so thoughtful and unexpected, so instead of just keeping it at saying "thank you" and giving her a huge hug, I wanted to give her something more concrete and personal. On Monday morning, I left this little thank you note on her desk before she came in. I love how such a simple gesture is appreciated so much.


  1. I love both writing and receiving thank you notes. They are so much more personal and it's a little bit of the "old school" that is still holding on and I hope never lets go. Plus, I am kind of vain when it comes to my handwriting and writing things out helps me to maintain it a bit.

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  2. I so agree! I love a hand written note, and I personally love writing them too. My boyfriend and I always do hand written notes for birthdays and holidays for each other! :)