Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Creative Outlet x 5

{5 of my fave outfit posts: top left, bottom left, center, top right, bottom right}

This month marks my blog's 5 year anniversary! Although I totally missed the exact date, I felt it was still worth celebrating! Anyone who manages a blog knows it takes a lot of work, especially when it's not your full-time job. I am proud that despite all of the changes that have happened in my life since starting Creative Outlet, (interning, college graduation, moving to LA, starting my career, moving in with Greg, adopting Zoey, getting a promotion) I have posted at least once a month for the last 5 years! I pour myself into every post and I truly appreciate all of you that have followed along with Creative Outlet! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and cheers to what the next 5 years may bring! 


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary!

  2. Thanks SO much Jess!