Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Must Have: Ear Jackets

One of my favorite new accessories is the ear jacket. I'm usually pretty simple when it comes to jewelry: I always wear a watch & stacks of thin rings, and once in a while I'll throw on a statement necklace. However, I don't really mix up my earrings, partially because my ears are sensitive, but I also hate those huge door-knocker sized dangly earrings that feel like they're stretching my ear lobe to my shoulder. What I love about ear jackets are that they make a statement while not weighing me down. They're such a fun and interesting new earring and come in a variety of styles from everyday casual to dressy & sophisticated. Luckily a lot of brands are jumping on this trend so ear jackets are available at all price points. Check out some cute styles I'm loving below!

{pearls / Etsy}

{turquoise + arrows / Asos}

{pavé floral / Forever 21}

{simple with a pop of color / Zara}

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