Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY Terrarium

Greg and I moved in to a new place a couple weeks after our wedding and honeymoon. It's been so fun to settle in as newlyweds and decorate our new home. As soon as we toured the condo, I immediately fell in love with the fireplace and built-in bookshelves, which provide a blank slate to house our most treasured pieces. I wanted to add some greenery to the ceiling-to-floor shelves and thought a terrarium would be the best choice for my brown-thumb. Read on to see how to create your own terrarium.

Step 1
{choose your container}

The first decision is whether you want an open or closed terrarium - this will ultimately affect the plants you can use and how much sunlight and water it will need. We used a round glass bowl with an open top, but I also think mason jar terrariums are so cute!

Step 2
{choose your plants}

I knew I wanted succulents and a blooming cactus to add a punch of color. We took a trip to the garden section of Home Depot and picked out several small succulents and cacti with different shapes and sizes to add some dimension. Again, depending on the container you choose, your options for plants are limited.

Step 3
{build your terrarium}

Starting with sand, pour a small layer in the bottom of the container. We used black sand.

Next, add small pebbles or stones, which will add air to the terrarium. We used white marble stones.

Then, add a layer of sheet moss, which will catch any excess water.

Soil comes next. We chose one that is meant for succulents and cacti, which has charcoal in it. If your soil does not contain charcoal, you will need another layer of this between your stones and moss - it helps to block odors.

Lastly, add your plants and cover the roots with soil. Fill in spaces with small ornaments or shells. We are just 3 blocks away from the beach, and go for a walk by the waves almost every day after work so we have collected a lot of beautiful shells in the few short weeks we've lived here. 

Depending on your terrarium (open vs closed, plant selection, etc) the water and sunlight needed will vary. Our terrarium gets quite a bit of filtered, natural sunlight everyday on the bookshelves. I've read a recommended watering schedule of a few ounces once every 2 weeks or when the soil is completely dry. We'll see how long I can keep it alive!

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